CVS Customer Service Phone Number

CVS Customer Service

CVS Contact Information

CVS Phone Numbers
Customer Service: 1-888-607-4287
Customer Support: 1-800-746-7287
Minute Clinic: 1-866-389-2727
ExtraCare®: 1-800-746-7287

CVS Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM ET

CVS Address
Attn: Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Live Person Hint
Say or Choose Feedback, then choose your department. Then you should be transferred to a live person after a brief hold.


  1. got my prescription filled today at The CVS in Auburn, IN along with my boyfriends prescriptions. I have counted my Percocet and I am 12 pills short and my boyfriend Norco are 10 short. I do not believe this is human error this is someone stealing pills out of our bottles. I do not want to contact them directly because if they are skimming pills out of people's bottles I don't want them to know I know. I am not sure who to call or contact. Please help!

  2. I live in West Virginia. I want to address an area of concern with your commercial on CVS/health. It shows some teenagers picking up a rock and knocking down a beehive. Please, consider taking that part off your commercial, as it is not good behavior for the kids to see. Some people are highly allergic to any bee stings and kids don't often tell their friends if they are. And, what if a dog or cat happens by close to that time and the bees sting them? Also, bees serve a useful purpose in our world and they need to be left alone. Every time I see that commercial, it bothers me more and more. I don't like it and there are probably other people who don't like it either.

  3. Is anyone there? I have been trying to reach a live person at corporate through phone and e-mail for several days. Voicemails and e-mails are not returned or no one answers the phone with no voice mail option. How do I actually reach a LIVE person that can help? The “operator” can only put me to a number but not a person. I finally get an operator who will “help” to be shunted directly into a voice mail with no warning!

    Have someone contact me on Monday, 05/18/15, regarding this issue – preferably from Accounts Payable. If someone does not call, I will call a higher authority in the state of Rhode Island.


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