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  1. I was hired at Lowes on 02/28/2014 at the Dover Store#0587. On 05/18/2015 I was terminated by the store mgr( Rodney). Rodney brought me in the office and told me I was fired for too many absences. I only called out four times since my hire date, three of my call outs were related to Incliment (snow) weather! Those three days were also excused by mgrs and supervisors at the time of my call outs. Now these were back in January and February. My fourth call out was for my step father because his Aunt passed away! So the day I was fired I tried to explain about the snow days to Rodney, because he was not my store manager when I called out on those days. He told me that I was fired and that was all. So he then took my vest and ID badge. When I was hired I was told that if my absences increased, I would get a warning. Rodney who is mgr now, is not the same mgr who was there through my call outs. I NEVER ever received any kind of warning. I always did my job and usually went above and beyond my job duties. I worked all the times I was asked to stay late or come in early if someone called out or if they were busy and needed me to work. During donations time, I Was always the highest in sales, and I won many shirts for all of my accomplishments as well. As a Matter of fact, the day Rodney Simons fired me, I left very upset and distraught. Once I got home, Rodney called me and asked me to come in and cover someone's shift! I actually did it. I figured that Rodney Simons had a change of heart, because once I was back in the building I was told by Rodney to just work my regular schedule for the remainder of the week. I worked the day after my termination and then the following day, I worked also. That is until after my lunch I was once again called into Rodney's office. He terminated me again! I am truly not asking for my job back, because I would never work for that man again! I just felt that someone needed to know how unethical he is and how he treats his employees!


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