Plenty of Fish Customer Service

Plenty of Fish Customer Service

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Customer Service: 1-604-692-2542

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Monday – Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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555 W Hastings Street
Unit 2625
Vancouver, BC V6B 1M1 Canada

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  1. I was going to upgrade here but after hearing all the problems everyone else is having their is know way they are getting my information I got taken with match .com for $50.00 for one month with know success and you have to write them a letter asking for a refund which I didn't get my money back any way because of so excuse they had. If you ask me I think all dating sites are a big rip off. Keep your credit card info safe don't trust any one of these dating sites. I still get fumed over the $50.00 I lost it had the same old guys what a lost. Learned my lesson now after reading what these people have to put up with! I would like to find someone in AZ nice place to live! see if you get my email address

  2. You need to fix this crap, your site is messed up. I have had 2 profile at 2 different times. and it always telling me that my email does not exist in your database. Please do not bill my cc again if you do I will contact my attorney and file fraud charges against you. I will check my account daily to see if bill me again! I am telling you DO NOT BILL ME AGAIN! if you have any questions contact meme at my cell number 555-123-ABCU and I know you probably won't because I don't think that you know how to use the phone Hell you don't even have enough sense and 2 stupid to put a contact on your website. The reason you don't is because of people like my you do not want to deal with anyone like me again you better NOT BILL ME AGAIN I AM WATCHING YOU!


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