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Sears Customer Service

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Customer Service: 1-800-697-3277

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  1. I have been trying to get an issue resolved for 3 weeks; and just since Tuesday, June 2nd, I have been jerked around by Sears Home Delivery Customer service and their supervisors. I need a manager to give me a call to discuss this matter. I am very, very upset and if I don't get a call from someone within 24 hours, I am not only going to turn this matter over to my attorney general's office on Monday, but I am also turning this over to all of the local TV stations in Louisville KY. Promises have been made to me and they have not been kept! This is absurd, outrageous and a disgraceful way to conduct business.

  2. I called Sears to inquire about repairing my vacuum cleaner. I was told it'd cost $50 to look at it and that amount would be used towards any repairs that had to be made. If I did not choose to make the repair, because of the cost I still would have to pay the $50. I was also told it would take 7-10 days to repair. When I brought it into the Lake Success Sears, I was charged $69.99 and I was told it would take 3-4 weeks to repair. I had already lugged in the vacuum so I agreed, reluctantly. When I got home I read the Product Repair Services form that I filled out and it is clearly written that the amount of pre-payment required is $50, yet my printed service charge fee says $70. I called the 888 3918867 Sears Service number twice. I was on hold both times for more than a half hour. Both times I was told to call the store. There is no human being to talk to when you call the store. When they tried to call the store they couldn't get through either. So now I am awaiting a call from the solutions team. I''m guaranteed a call back in the next 24 hours. Big whoop! I've already spent 2.5 hours on this.


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