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Sprint Customer Service Phone Number - Official Number

Sprint Customer Service

Contact Information

Phone Numbers
Official Customer Service Number: 1-888-211-4727

Landline: 1-877-877-8748

Sprint FonCard call: 1-800-366-2255

Refresh a Sprint Prepaid Card: 1-800-366-0707

Business: 1-800-927-2199

International: 1-888-226-7212

Abroad: 1-817-698-4199

Desde tu móvil Sprint: Marcar *2, y luego 5
Desde un teléfono fijo: 888-211-4727

Corporate: 1-855-848-3280

Official Support Page

Sprint Support

24-7 7 Days

6391 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park KS 66251-4300

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  1. I have spent too much time as an unhappy customers with sprint. I have left sprint because of the unacceptable customers service. Every time you call sprint you get different answers. Had an active phone line which I ported over to another provider. I've called sprint to pay out my balance during my conversations prior to September 11th when the charge for 68.33 the gentleman who I spoke to confirm my charges from August would be retro charged. At the time he calculated the phone charges for August and confirmed my revised amount including my phone balance which I owe balance on. It's extremely ridiculous that I call today and I am told a completely different amount and when I ask that they review notes from the last conversation the notes where not properly documented. The gentleman confirmed there would be note for the following time a call. I called today to pay off my balance and pay the tablet I still have active and I told my account if frozen. Why? I have requested the phone conversations to be pulled and I would like a a copy of that conversation. I am not sure what type of people you hire and the training thy go through the but an individual should be able to document a conversation properly to avoid issue as such and unhappy customers. I will never recommend sprint to any friends or family. I have never dealt with such disconnect of information. You customer service rep are nice but I have been left on hold for 20-30 minutes every time they "research" their notes they take their time to leave you on hold and still can not locate notes. I am not sure if they don't have access or the prior person does not document the information correctly. I don't think it's fair to myself or any customer to constantly be mislead. I would like to pay my proper balance on my account and not have this affect my credit at this point. I would appreciate it if someone can review this account and the last conversation with the last two reps I spoke with. I would also appreciate someone giving me a call with the outcome.


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